Main Meal Salads

Quick main-course salads from Martha Stewart are great for weeknights.

Healthy Main Dish Salads

Taste of Home has lots of delicious main dish salad recipes including.

Salad steps out of the realm of side dishes and takes center stage as a healthful, filling main-dish meal.From fassolada, a bean soup that is the Greek national dish, to the much-loved Greek country salad, these dishes can be meals in.

Healthy Salads for Dinner

This is the taco salad that my mom made for me as a kid, right on down to the Kraft Catalina Dressing.Get healthy dinner recipes and ideas featuring all of your favorite chicken pork beef dishes from the experts at Food Network.Trusted Results with Main meal salad recipes. - Recipes - Main Meals.

Main Meal Mediterranean Salad

For lunch or dinner, our salad options are great on their own or a perfect addition to any meal.

Salads can be used as the introduction to a meal or as a meal unto itself.

Wild Rice Salad with Chicken

Summer salad with anchovy dressing. 4.5 (2 ratings) A filling main-meal salad bursting with fresh veg - just leave out the anchovies for a veggie version.

Build a Menu: 5 Tips for Matching Side Dishes with Main Dishes. Pin it. When in doubt, make a simple green salad.

Main Dish Pasta Salad

Read why to eat your salad before or after the meal for the most health benefits.

Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe

Main Meal Salad Recipes

Hearty and satisfying main-course salads, from Caesar salad with crispy tofu croutons to a warm bacon-and-egg salad.

Main meals provide a substantial contribution to the daily intake of energy (kilojoules), fibre and fat.

This green salad recipe with berries is a delicious way to get your antioxidants.Main-Dish Salads Under 300 Calories. This colorful meal packs a hefty dose vitamin C from the potatoes and.This collection of delicious salad recipes includes hearty main-dish salads that help you feel full and satisfied, as well as lighter salads to serve as a side dish.

To make the vinaigrette, combine all ingredients in a jar and shake to combine.

Studies have shown a pre-meal salad or broth based soup was helpful in filling you up so you ate less at the main meal.Bread & Pizza; Breakfast; Cakes, Biscuits...We eat it on its own for lunch or as a healthy side with dinner.

Filipino Salted Egg Salad

Hard-boiled eggs, cheese and even tofu can add considerable amounts of protein to a main dish salad.

KFC Salad Menu

Toss Salad with Chicken

A new collection of light, delicious, and healthful recipes for salads that comprise.

Healthy Main Dish Salad Recipes