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Throughout World War I, snipers were often used in the trenches in an effort to take out enemy soldiers as their heads peered over the top of the opposing trench.Information sought on members of the Regina Rifles. possible to come to a complete roll of all men who served with the Battalion during the Second World War.

The sniper infantry component of World War 2 could prove one of the single-most destructive elements on the battlefield in any given engagement.

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Developed in 1903, the M1903 Springfield became a famous rifle in American history and was the standard infantry weapon of the American Expeditionary Force.

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My father Cledwyn Williams (Cled) joined the Winnipeg Rifles in the First World War I believe in1914.

Welcome to, the official website of Tikka rifles Browse hunting rifles, tactical rifles and sporting rifles, optics, scopes and rifle accessories.Rifles are used in warfare, hunting and shooting sports. During World War I and II, most rifles were chambered in.30 caliber, a combination of power and speed.Shoot Guns found at Bass Pro Shops, to enjoy recreational or hunting applications.This may sound like an innocent request, but experience has taught.A Sniper Rifle is a type of firearm featured in the Call of Duty series designed specifically for extreme-distance precision shooting.

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A look at several vintage.22s that can still hold their own today.During the War, the accuracy of the sniper rifle was greatly improved.

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McWhorter Custom Rifles is owned and operated by Tim McWhorter and Allan Rovig of Southern Georgia.We carry airsoft such as pistols, sniper rifles with scopes, shotguns, electric and gas airsoft guns.The third edition of this definitive reference includes expanded coverage of commercial and military rifles from around the world.ANXIOUS ANTICIPATION OF OPENING DAY. Weatherby has been inspiring—and been part of—the dreams of hunters and shooters around the world.

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Robert W. D. Ball is an acknowledged authority on antique military rifles and memorabilia.If you are looking for Afterimages, our library is free for you.Petzal, gives you a first look at the top five new rifles introduced at SHOT Show 2013.Warranty and servicing for many types of air rifles and pistols.Inspired by the one first hand-built by Eliphalet Remington, our hunting and tactical rifles continue to shape a nation and forge the.These rifles were also sold to the Finnish, but the Finns would discard them whenever possible for a better, more reliable rifle on the battlefield, most often for.

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Assault rifles are known worldwide with the various understanding or definitions.We build benchrest, varmint, long range, tactical, and custom hunting rifles.

With new advances in science, newer and more sophisticated weapons are.

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The toughest of the tough, the Sonoran is built to take a beating.

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The editors of American Rifleman have taken on the daunting task of defining the top hunting rifles.The bolt gun is the most popular type of rifle used for hunting purposes.Among the top 10 infantry rifles,. that the M1 represented the first time America sent its boys to war with the best infantry rifle in the world,.It was the only British Army regiment to have both battalions fighting in Normandy at the same time.